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Willowsprings Hydroponics Farms LTD


In collaboration with Universal Fabricating Bom Group received the contract to design and
deliver a Venlo Greenhouse with a surface of 29.287 m² including a heating and screen system
for  Willowsprings Hydroponics Farms LTD. for the cultivation of capsicums. Willowsprings Hydroponics Farms LTD, is run by John Rombouts.

The new greenhouse project consists of a new Venlo glass greenhouse divided into 2 departments , each department consist of 17 trellis of 8 meter by 21 section of 5 meter , divided by a walkway of 5 meter. The gutter height is 7 meters. The roof is covered with diffuse glass and the outside wall are covered with 16 mm polycarbonote.

This project with a surface of 29.287 m² is the first phase of a future planned area of 6 Ha.
The greenhouse is equipped with an energy-saving screen installation including the ABS system ,
which was developed by the Bom Group.
In addition, the greenhouse is also equipped with a heating system consisting of a tube rail heating system and a grow pipe heating system,


Name client:

Universal Fabricating








29.240 m2

Span Size:

8,00 m

Year of construction:


Section Size:

5,00 m