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Westhof Bio-Gewächshaus


Westhof Bio-Gewächshaus is established in Wöhrden (North Germany). It is a group of businesses that targets the production, processing and marketing of organic crops. The operation has an area of approx 700 ha for exterior cultivation of organic vegetables. In 2012, the activities in this area were expanded with cultivation under glass, and the largest greenhouse for the organic cultivation of tomatoes in Germany – with an area of 4 ha – was realised.

Westhof Bio Group’s business philosophy is to be fully energy-neutral by the year 2015.

The investors have opted for a high-grade greenhouse and screen system from the Bom Group. This greenhouse has a column height of 7.0 m, which is one of the reasons why Twinlight® columns were used.
The latest developments have been included in the project, such as diffuse glass + AR treatment, with a high hemispherical light transmission; the roof also features frameless roof
vents. Besides this, the Bom Group provided the greenhouse with a double screen system with ABS system to achieve a very small package screen.


Name client:

Westhof Bio Gemuse








41.507 m2

Span Size:

4,00 m (8,00 m tralie)

Year of construction:


Section Size:

5,00 m