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Tomworld III


After having realised a satisfactory build of Tomworld phase 2 with its area of 30,000 m2 in 2012, client Glinwell PLC opted for another expansion with phase 3 of 36,000 m2 at Tomworld in Lower Nazeing in Essex.
The client again chose to have this expansion implemented by Bom Group.
The new greenhouse has a column height of 6.0 metres, is fully white-coated, and is suitable for assimilation lighting in the future. The wide windows of 1.67 metres lie on the roof and the ventilation features toughened roof vents without aluminium frames. The office area is integrated into the greenhouse structure; here, the roof is glazed with opal-white glass and the walls feature attractive bronze Stopsol glass.
Further, the energy-saving screens were also installed by Bom Group and all outer walls were provided with roll-up walls for energy saving.
For the heating of the tomatoes, a standard tube rail system and a growing tube were installed and connected to the boiler house by means of insulated underground transport pipes.
The boiler house has enough space for the future siting of a CHP system and currently features a low-NOX single-flue boiler-burner-condenser combination and a vertical heat storage tank of 2,000 m3 so that it is possible during the day to use the CO2 from the boiler system and reuse the stored heat again at night.
Further, the boiler houses of the existing and new project are linked together on the water side via a heat exchanger so that the stored heat may be transferred as required; this gives Tomworld even more flexibility in the administration of CO2.


Name client:

Glinwell PLC.








35.715 m2

Span Size:

4,00 m (8,00 m tralie)

Year of construction:


Section Size:

5,00 m