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Toigo Organic Farms LLC


Toigo Organic Farms LLC established by Mark Toigo, based in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, is a subsidiary of Toigo Orchards  a family owned company specialized in organic grown fruits and vegetables.

Toigo Organic Farms was created on the belief that it can serve both locally grown and organic markets.  It will begin serving the demand for locally grown organic tomatoes, sweet peppers and eggplants primarily in the Mid-Atlantic regions through an agreement with one of the largest retailers of natural and organic foods in the United States – Whole Foods Markets.

The new greenhouse facility, located in Carlisle Pennsylvania, will consist of a 2 phase project of 5 acres ( 2.1 Ha.) each. The construction for the first phase of 5 acres started in July 2014 and is specifically designed to grow organic tomatoes.
Toigo is projecting to plant in December of 2014 and run full 5-acre crops in 2015 & 2016. The second phase for extending the greenhouse is projected for 2016.

The design process was an intensive cooperation between Toigo Organic Farms and Bom Greenhouses, which will be very beneficial for the quality and quantity for the organic tomatoes produced in the new greenhouse.

For this specialized project, the Twinlight® Greenhouse will be built, including the following special features

  • Twinlight® white coated substructure with patented bracing spreaching
  • Low Iron Diffuse glass with Haze factor of ca. 50% with excellent light transmissions properties which can result in approximately 5% more yield.
  • With cloth Tempa 555 FR ( XLS 15 Revolux ) and Harmony 2320 0 FR ( XLS 25 F Harmony Revolux )
  • Irrigation system special designed for organic growing
  • High efficiency heating system
  • Climate control computer

Bom Greenhouses is very proud to introduce the revolutionary Twinlight® Greenhouse in The United States.


Name client:

Mark Toigo








21.700 m2

Span Size:

4,00 m (8,00 m tralie)

Year of construction:


Section Size:

4,50 m