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Sunrite - Del Fresco


We have been working happily together for some years with the Canadian greenhouse builder Universal Fabrication/De Cloet who specialise in the supply and erection of plastic film greenhouses for the North American market. For their client Carl Mastronadi of Del Fresco Produce, they supplied a complete aluminium roof and outer wall system. They opted for the narrow aluminium gutter PB 100, a ‘Lux Plus’ ridge and the very low roof bar of the Ecotek roof with its height of only 42.9 mm. The ventilation features 3-pane roof vents with a depth of 1.2 metres. All outer walls are suitable for 16 mm polycarbonate. For the screening, they opted for our proven ABS slip system with pull wires; the fabric is of PhormiTex 55. The heating comprises eight sections of tube rail with ten 51 mm tubes per truss and also eight sections of growing tube with five 51 mm tubes per truss. All circuits are connected by means of pre-insulated underground transport pipes to the plant room, where three heat exchangers are set up, each with a power of 5,900 kW; the primary side is connected to its existing heating system, and the secondary to our installation and a new heat storage tank with a capacity of 2,200 m3.


Name client:

Universal Fabrication








57.300 m3

Span Size:

2 x 4,00 m

Year of construction:


Section Size:

4,50 m