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Again a large organic company in Germany who opted for the Bom Group.
This time the family business Querdel in Fuchttorf near Münster.
The business has existed since 1650, and since 2005 has been an organic company for the cultivation of organic asparagus and strawberries.
As of now they are facing up to a new challenge with an ultra-modern 2.5 Ha Bom Group greenhouse for cultivating organic sweet peppers.

The choice of Bom Group arose for reasons including the fact that they did not only see Bom Group as a greenhouse builder, but right from the start as a partner for advice in the 2.5 Ha horticulture project to be newly realised, and with options for yet another 2.5 Ha.

This greenhouse has a column height of 7.0 metres, which is one of the reasons why white powder-coated Twinlight® columns were used.
The greenhouse features diffuse glass + AR treatment, and the roof is also provided with frameless roof vents.
Besides this, the Bom Group provided the greenhouse with a double screen installation with ABS system to achieve a very small screen package.
Also, Bom Group provided the heating system with a lifting system for raising the entire tube rail system for preparing the soil for the organic cultivation.
The three existing bio CHP systems and the newly-installed wood boiler were integrated into the heating system by Bom Group.
The 1,000,000 litre buffer tank was also installed by Bom Group and forms an important link in the heating system.
The choice to put the supply of the greenhouse, screening and heating systems all under one roof once again ensured perfect harmonisation, both technically and concerning carefree planning for the client.


Name client:









25.160 m2

Span Size:

2 x 4,00 m

Year of construction:


Section Size:

5,00 m