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In November 2016 we were pleased to receive the order for the realization of 4,7 hectares for the cultivation of tomatoes in Switzerland. The customer, Purnatur AG, notified us in the previous conversations that they were looking for a more advanced high tech greenhouse. Bom Group was asked to deliver the greenhouse, screening system as well as a climate installation.

The customer has deliberately opted for an Ecotec® greenhouse and for optimum light transmission and maximum strength also for a Twinlight® substructure, 5.9 meters gutter height.

Also Purnatur AG consciously opted for a double screen installation. The new Bom ISO ++ screen profile has already been applied, which has been developed to install a double screen installation with a spacing of approximately 5 centimeters between the 2 screens.

This ISO ++ double screen is commercially available shortly.

To complete this greenhouse Purnatur AG chose for an “Air In Control” climate installation.

In this case, the choice was made for conditioned, forced and controlled circulation air by applying specially made “Van Dijk” air handling units in the facade that, under 50% of the gutters, keeps the climate stable through perforated air hoses.

With this installation the customer is able to create a very stable climate, both horizontally and vertically. Because it is possible to completely recirculate, the customer can keep the windows in the roof closed for longer periods and thereby retain CO2 inside the greenhouse and also and also safe energy.


All in all, technically a very nice greenhouse where both the customer and the people involved within Bom Group are very proud of!


If you want to know more about the techniques we have been allowed to apply in this case, please feel free to contact us.


Name client:

Purnatur AG








46.943 m2

Span Size:

8,00 m

Year of construction:


Section Size:

5,00 m