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Pro Veg


Mr Klimowicz located in Zbrosławice, is one of the first growers in Poland who realized the advantages to buy his 2 hectare greenhouse, screensystem and the heatingsystem from one company. The design of the the three systems is in one hand, so Mr Klimowicz is sure that the design of the greenhouse, the screens and the heatingsystem are adapted to each other ánd the logistics are tuned smoothly. Besides one party is responsible for the integration of the three systems.
The design of the greenhouse is based on a 8 mtr truss with 4,5 mtr sections. The 6,5 mtr postheight together with the snowload of 35 kg per m2 makes the Twinlight post of the Bom Group thé economical solution. Strong, cheap ánd extra lightttransmission!
Much attention has been paid to reduce the costs of energy: highly isolated roofbars, small aluminium gutter and a double roofscreen and a clever designed heating system. The greenhouse is heated by the tube rail system, a double growpipe and a snowpipe near the gutter melts the snow from the roof. The cooling of the greenhouse is done by the three pane vents and the extra headvents near the frontwalls.
The tomatoes grow on rockwool slabs placed on hanging gutters.


Name client:

Mr. Klimowicz








20.448 m2

Span Size:

2 x 4,00 m

Year of construction:


Section Size:

4,50 m