Bom Group



Jan Lindbergh is one of the biggest tomato growers in the Närpes area in Finland. After the Bom Group built the first hectare greenhouse in 2006 the extension of the greenhouse was already realized in 2009. Jan was one of the first Finnish growers who combines economies of scale with a high tech glass greenhouseproject in order to increase the profitability.

The design of the greenhouse was focused on lighttransmission, energysaving and strength.

Special features of this greenhouse are:
8 meter truss with a 4,5 meter section size. Postheight is 5,60 meter and a small aluminium gutter suitable for the use of a roofwasher has been mounted. The roof is covered with tempered glass with a lighttransmission of 90% and has vents without frame (lighttranmission and clean!). The white coated structure can bear a snowload of 40 kgs/m2. A roofscreen and a wallscreen has been installed to save energy. The greenhouse his heated by means of a tuberail system and a grow pipe. The tomatoplants are placed on growing gutters.  


Name client:

Jan Lindbergh








20.000 m2

Span Size:

2 x 4,00 m

Year of construction:

2006 / 2009

Section Size:

4,50 m