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Holland Greenfarms LLC


Bom Group received the contract to build a Venlo Greenhouse with a surface of 143.000 ft² (13 287 m²) from the growing company Holland Greenfarms LLC for the cultivation of herbs and vegetables.

Holland Greenfarms LLC, is run by father and son Jansen, will be serving the greater New York area with fresh herbs and vegetables.

The new greenhouse project consists of a new Venlo glass greenhouse has 6 bays of 36ft ( each  with a gutter length of 150.00 meters, divided into 4 departments.
This project is the first phase of a total of four planned phases. The final project will comprise approximately 16 acres ( 7 hectares). Next year, the 2nd phase is planned for the construction of an additional 2 ½ acres ( 1 hectare.)

The greenhouse is equipped with an energy-saving screen installation including the ABS system ,
which was developed by the Bom Group.
In addition, all the inner walls are made with a Twinrol gable system,  to be able to create different climate zones when necessary.

In addition, the Bom Group also delivers and installs the heating system, which consists of a monorail installation of pipes 10 pieces of  51 mm pipe per 36 ft bay. .
In the new boiler room, two Low NOx boilers will be installed All services have already been prepared for a future  addition of greenhouses with a total surface area of up to 16 acres ( 7 Hectares)


Name client:

Mr. Casey Jansen








13.287 m2

Span Size:

3,66 m ( 10,98 m tralie )

Year of construction:


Section Size:

4,00 m