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Gemüsebau Steiner


In Kirchweidach, around 70 km south of Munich, The Bom Group realised an entire project, namely an area of 12 ha of greenhouse – screening – heating for Gemüsebau Steiner. Here tomatoes and sweet peppers are cultivated sustainably for the local market.
Both during the preparation and implementation of the building project, it became once again clear what the added value of complete contracting out to the Bom Group can mean for our customer. As greenhouse, screening and heating were all contracted out to us, the difficulties during the construction and installation period were coordinated down to detail level through direct mutual communication.

In the engineering of a German project, it is crucial to possess correct technical knowledge of the specific German construction standards. Construction calculations must be checked by an independent government-appointed Prüfstatiker (inspecting structural engineer).
It should be mentioned especially that the hydraulic plant room was partially implemented with
385 solar panels, integrated into the roof system as laminate.
The sustainable nature of this project was jointly determined by the energy supply, which was obtained from a geothermal source situated nearby, from which hot water at approx 90 °C is drawn out of the ground from a depth of 3.5 km.


Name client:

Gemüsebau Steiner








119.699 m2

Span Size:

4,00 m (8,00 m tralie)

Year of construction:


Section Size:

5,00 m