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Winterlight Greenhouse

The Winterlight Greenhouse is a new greenhouse concept that, in combination with a new type screen, screen fabric and special glass, yields more than 10% light. The best yield is achieved with the screen system in the closed position, but even with the screen installation open, there is still a considerable increase in light.

The new integrated greenhouse design was developed in collaboration with Wageningen UR, Ludvig Svensson, Bayer Cropscience and Glascom Tuinbouw. The new concept is currently undergoing further testing at the WUR site in Bleiswijk, The Netherlands.

The project was in part facilitated by the programme of Kas als Energiebron,  the LTO Glaskracht Nederland’s innovation and campaign programme, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. 

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  • Greenhouse
    • A 5.60 metre wide bay, with panes measuring 300 x 167 cm
    • The greenhouse construction is finished with a white powder coating with an increased reflection level of 90%
  • Glass
    • Diffuse glass on the roof with a hemispherical transmission of >91 %
    • The glass’s light transmission is not reduced when the glass is wet due to evaporation/water
  • Screen installation
  • Screen fabric
    • A new screen fabric from Ludvig Svensson with improved light transmission
  • Climate
    • An Air in Control system in accordance with ‘the new cultivation’ system
  • Cultivation
    • Cultivation is of a cucumber crop specially for the winter period
    • The crop activities follow a new method specially for winter cultivation.