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Air in Control

bom_airincontrol_final_opwit.jpgThe Air in Control concept, developed in-house, distinguishes itself with a high level of efficiency, low noise level, flexibility and great ease of use.

The system can be installed with separate air-conditioning units or as a fully accessible environment corridor in the front gable. In mild climates, separate air-conditioning units are sufficient, while in warm climates, an environment corridor is used in combination with path cooling.

The humidity in the greenhouse is controlled with fans, and by combining greenhouse and (heated) outdoor air. Air hoses are used to ensure good horizontal distribution of the dehumidified air in the greenhouses.

All of the usual climate computers are perfectly capable of controlling the climate process and we can design the heating systems in such a way that the Air in Control system makes maximum use of the available low-grade heat.

The Bom Group climate specialists use a model calculation programme developed in-house to make a precise prediction of the potential crop yield and the requisite energy for each project and location.  The figures from this programme are also often used for feasibility studies.

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Advantages (adapted to the animation text points):

  • Creates ideal climatic conditions à controllable to a very high degree (smaller temperature variations)
  • Optimum horizontal temperature distribution à (minimum horizontal temperature differences) à uniformity of climate (THEREFORE of growth and quality)
  • Optimum vertical temperature distribution à (less variation in temperature across the plant height) à less plant stress (à improved growth and quality)
  • Controlled relative humidity (RH)
  • More efficient use of dosed CO2
  • More plant activity thanks to an active micro-climate at leaf level
  • Less chance of diseases
  • All these points result in à higher quality AND higher production

Download here the folder.

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