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Plants in new Van Adrichem greenhouse

The construction of the new greenhouse for Van Adrichem tomato nursery could be followed splendidly online. An end has now come to this: yesterday, the plants went in.
‘The last day for preparation has dawned,’ was blogged on Monday. ‘Fill up the mats, check them. Everything is being finished so that the first plants get a warm welcome on Monday morning at 7. Personally, I can hardly believe that 4½ months ago (142 days) nothing could be seen on the ground other than a couple of hundred pickets for the foundations. And now there’s a greenhouse ready to plant.’

The latest updates via Steef van Adrichem on Twitter. On Monday the mineral wool was ready, yesterday the plants went in.

High and low points ‘The project did have its high and low points. The storm in October certainly left its mark on the building. Due to it, the building suffered a week’s delay. Though the contractors were there, they could not do enough at the same time.’
Look back: The crop gutters were turned/fitted in early January. 

Mid-December: heating pipes in. 

Given that the new-build is as good as finished, the blog will not be so intensively updated from now on. ‘Now and then, we will still keep you up to date via the blog,’ was the promise however. You can still read about the whole new-build project online.


Publicationdate: 17-1-2014

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20 Jan 2014