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Westhof Bio New-build (North Germany)

In the past month, the Bom Group has handed over the project Westhof Bio in D-25764 Friedrichsgabekoog to the customers’ complete satisfaction.

For Westhof Bio, this means that, besides the organic exterior cultivation for which they have an area of approx 700 ha available, they will now start growing organic tomatoes under glass.

westhof1.jpg westhof2.jpg

On left Messrs Paul-Heinrich Dörscher & Rainer Carsten


For this, the Bom Group realised a very modern project with an area of approx 4.2 ha. This modern Venlo greenhouse with its 8.00 m truss has a column height of 7.00 m and features a white coated Twinlight® construction. This is a development of the Bom Group, with which the company has been very successful in recent years, and with which it also operates worldwide.

Even the strict requirements of the German Prüfstatiker (inspecting structural engineer) – concerning the static calculations of this concept – have been entirely approved by the relevant bodies.



Twinlight® column                     

Diffuse glass

The roof of the greenhouse features Diffulite® glass (glass width of 1.67 m) provided with an AR (anti-reflection) treatment and frameless toughened roof vents also in a diffuse version.

The roof glass and the frameless toughened roof vents have a direct light transmission of more than 96%, a hemispherical light transmission of approx 88% and a haze factor of approx 30%. All outer walls feature 16 mm polycarbonate panels.

westhof5.jpg Diffuse roof glass

Double screen systems with ABS

The new-build project was also implemented with a double screen installation, provided with the ABS screen system developed by the Bom Group. The fabric of the upper installation is XLS 10 Ultra Revolux and of the lower installation XLS 10 Revolux.

Energy neutral

Westhof Bio has the ambition to be able to produce entirely energy-neutrally with this greenhouse in 2015, so without the use of fossil fuels.
This objective will be realised using, among other things, a biogas plant, which will be stoked partly with the residual products from the Westhof Bio Group’s 700 ha exterior cultivation.
You can find more information about this on Westhof Bio’s website.

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13 Dec 2012