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New construction Thanet Earth (UK) realized by Bom Group

Currently the necessary building activities are taking place on the location of Thanet Earth in Kent (England). This concerns the ‘Local for Local’ project of a group of Dutch entrepreneurs in Birchington (UK) that started in 2008 and has a total size including infrastructure of 90 hectares.

Thanet Growers One Ltd. comprises Rainbow Growers, Kaaij UK and A&A Growers. Together with sales organisation Fresca Group Ltd they are building an expansion of 8 ha for the cultivation of different races of vine tomato.

The order for the building of the greenhouse complex, the industrial area and heating system was again awarded to the Bom Group, after it had realised projects for the Kaaij Group and A&A Growers of 9.5 and 6 ha respectively to their full satisfaction in 2008.

Moreover, in this project, the Bom Group has taken on the role of Principal Contractor, in other words, all matters concerning the strict British Health and Safety legislation – for all contractors and subcontractors – are being organised and coordinated by the Bom Group.

The new-build project consists of an 8.54 m truss featuring two bays of 4.27 m with a column height of 7.00 m, and a white coated construction. The roof is glazed with low iron glass, minimum transmission 91% and provided with frameless toughened roof vents. The greenhouse features growing light, so that cultivation is possible year-round and the British market can be supplied.

We hope together with all our subcontractors and fellow installers to make a great project of it, so that it is again possible to talk full of pride about an example of Dutch know-how and expertise. If everything goes according to plan, planting can start from early January 2013.




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14 Jan 2013