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Minister Kamp visits research station Estidamah

At November 5th the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Kamp visited research station Estidamah during his two days working visit to Saudi Arabia.

This second biggest horticultural research station in the world is being realized by a cooperation of Sabic (the second biggest chemical company in the world), Wageningen University and the Bom Group. Wageningen University is the designer of the greenhouse complex and the research program. They also have a seat in the Board of Estidamah.


The Estidamah project is a greenhouse complex of 8.500 m², which is being built by the Bom Group at this moment at the Techno Valley in Riyadh. All existing and new cooling techniques, from low tech till high tech will be researched to determine the technique which is most sustainable and economical in terms of water consumption, energy consumption and crop results for this part of the world.


The greenhouse complex consists of 21 different greenhouse departments, equipped with cooling techniques ranging from the in Saudi Arabia normal used pad & fan up to the closed greenhouse with mechanical cooling. From the last a triple production is expected and a water saving of 98%.


The strong innovative character of the project gave the incentive to Minister Kamp to pay a visit to Estidamah where he was shown around by the Vice-President of Sabic and Bram van der Kooy, the CEO of the Bom Group.

Look for more information at the project page of Estidamah and website of

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5 Nov 2015