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Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2018

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Dear Relation,
Soon the year 2018 will start, a promising year.
The year 2017 has proceeded very quickly and has been good to our company. We have been able to see the first reported results of the Winterlight Greenhouse at Wageningen University & Research but also the impressive crop results of the Watersaving Greenhouse which we have build before in the Saudi desert.
The introduction of our innovative ISO++ screening system and the addition of the Cabriolet greenhouse to our products have also been important items during the past year.
Market demand for high tech solutions from Bom Group has increased and will increase even more in the upcoming period. Also our company has grown and will continue to grow and prepare itself for the future.
Happy holidays and a prosperous 2018.
Warmest regards,
The Bom Group team

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13 Dec 2017