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Management change Bom Group

On Monday, February 15th Mike Vermeij joins the management team of Bom Group as  general manager. He takes on the function of Bram van der Kooy, who will reduce his role in the coming period and will hand over his duties to Vermeij. After this period he will be involved in special projects only. By doing so, Bram van der Kooy (60) ensures the continuity of the management of Bom Group.

The new general manager Mike Vermeij has a commercial background and has gained a lot of knowledge over the years in climate techniques, which in recent years in international horticulture. From Monday on, he forms the management team, along with Martin van Zeijl, director greenhouse heating and Rob Grootscholten, director greenhouses and screen systems.

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Mike Vermeij

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12 Feb 2016