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Kwekerijen Steiner,Lust,Zeiler volledig over op geothermie

Geothermal projects make up an increasing share of applications and completed projects at the Bom Group too. ‘We have been able to complete three successful geothermal projects abroad recently,’ says Martin van Zeijl. These are Zeiler Gemüse (6 Ha.) in Hungary, Lust Tomatoes (6 Ha.) in Slovenia and Gemüsebau Steiner (12 Ha.) in Germany.

Taken together, these three projects cover a total surface area of 24 hectares, operating completely on geothermal heat. The Bom Group has designed the heating capacity for these projects in such a way that maximum use is made of the available geothermal heat.

For this we have for example linked a double tubular pipe rail system in cascade with a double growing tubular pipe system. This means that the water returned through the pipe rail can be re-used as water supply for the growing tube. In this way the available volume of water is used twice, and even more energy can be drawn from the geothermal source.

In the energy room, large heat exchangers have been set up that separate the warm source water that has been pumped up from the greenhouse heating system. Boilers have in fact been installed, but they are there only as back-up for the geothermal heat.



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9 Jan 2015