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ISO++ Screen Installation

Both screens can be adjusted separately

The new ISO++ screen installation from Bom Group is extremely compact and has a double screen fitted at the top edge beam of the gridtruss, leaving the bottom edge beam of the grid truss free for a third screen or another installation. The two layers of fabric are fitted just 6 cm apart and can be adjusted independently, allowing for even better climate control. This innovation has been thoroughly tested and is currently being successfully used.

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Less shadow, optimum insulation

The sophisticated design of the new screen installation reduces the shadow effect because the bottom screen package is positioned directly below the top screen package. The resulting light gain is up to approximately 0.4%.

The design of the new screen installation also provides optimum insulation because the two fabric layers are fitted just 6 cm apart, resulting in a stable air mass.


Suitable for every greenhouse

Although the installation produces best results in a modern greenhouse, even existing horticulture greenhouses and new greenhouses from other horticultural suppliers can be fitted with this advanced screen installation for optimum results.

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Innovation through cooperation

The patented ISO++ screen installation was developed by Bom Group in cooperation with other specialist horticultural suppliers and tested in a trial greenhouse on land belonging to Wageningen University & Research. The combination of knowledge and experience has allowed Bom Group’s new system to evolve into the most effective screen installation in the world of horticulture.


For more information:
o             John Meijer
o             Commercial Manager
o             +31 (0)6 11054811


Download the folder; ISO++ folder_ENG.pdf

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7 Jun 2018