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British pepper nursery Valley Grown expanding to 15 hectares

The British pepper nursery Valley Grown is expanding. This year, the greenhouse space will increase to total of circa 10 hectares. In the next years it will even expand to 15 hectares. “The demand for British produce is growing significant”, says spokesperson Clive. “We have to react to it.”

About 50 kilometers north of Londen the UK grower is situated  in the Lea  Valley. The greenhouse was found in 2003 by the brothers Vince and Jimmy Russo. They’ve already had their own trade company, Valley Grown Salads, since the eighties. To get a better grip on the supply chain, they decided to start growing themselves. Since then, they produce bell peppers, sweet pointed peppers and snackpeppers on 4 hectares. Now, the nursery is doubling its size to 10 hectares. “The market is asking for more British produce”, Clive explains. “We have to expand to fulfil that question.”

Twin Light
The new greenhouse will be divided into four departments, including the service area.  On top of it, tempered glass (1.67m) with a light transmission of 91+ will be placed. The framework has already been installed and it shows something special about the greenhouse: The growers chose to implement the Twinlight construction. This construction, an innovation of Bom Group, realises a more consistent cultivation climate. As the greenhouse column consists of two narrow, thin uprights rather than a large solid tube, more light is let through to the crop.

Bom Group is also taking care of the heating and screening system, including the ABS system and a Multirol side screening system on the outside walls. The new boiler room will contain a low-NOx boiler, which will be connected to a new heat storage tank (capacity: 4 million liters). Thanks to that, the nursery will take care of its own CO2-production.

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The total layout has been set for further extension. There’s room for another 5 hectare glass and Clive expects it won’t take long for that to happen. The company discusses the subject with their chain partners regularly. “Our most important retail client has been with us for over 26 years. Since over ten years, we supply him with our own vegetables. We both see that the demand for British produce is growing. You have to have an eye for that market.”

Valley Grown is looking for a manager for their greenhouses (Dutch)  Check out the job offer

Publication date: 6/16/2015
Author: Arlette Sijmonsma


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17 Jun 2015