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The Bom Group installs in three weeks at Van Adrichem

During the last three weeks, the Bom Group installed a complete screen system – all 9 ha of it – at a record rate at Kwekerij Van Adrichem in Terneuzen.

When ordering, it was most important that the screen system could be installed in a short period to allow the planned start date for planting, early January 2014, to be met.

Given the pleasant cooperation in the past between the The Bom Group and Kwekerij Van Adrichem at their location in Steenbergen, the family gave us their full trust. Also, the very reliable and high-quality ABS system developed by the Bom Group, with its stainless spring steel pull wire, had been chosen. Through the use of stainless spring steel the stretch in the pull wire is minimal and also a very small fabric package can be realised.

adrichem1.jpg Screen system is installed in the 12.00 m truss in a single operation.

Heating system

As well as the screen system, the Bom Group received the commission to supply and install the complete heating system. Immediately after placing the order, the underground piping system was delivered and buried the very next week. Currently, hard work is underway on the distribution pipework and next week the jets will be put in and welded. We will thus be able to make up the delay of a week caused by the storm damage, through use of combined efforts.


adrichem2.jpg Installation of the district heating pipes.

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18 Nov 2013