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Bom Group celebrates 40th anniversary of COO Rob Grootscholten

Starting his first working day on the first of June 1977, Rob Grootscholten could not have imagined all the changes that have happened since then in the whole world as well as within the greenhouse industry.

When the company started as “P.L.J. Bom Kassenbouw B.V.”, it was focused on the local market (Netherlands and Belgium). Since that period Bom Group has been responsible for a lot of innovative changes within the greenhouse industry like the aluminium gutter, currently seen as the “standard” in high tech glass greenhouses.

In the past 40 years, Rob has seen a lot of things change in his surroundings, like name changes to Bom Group, becoming co-owner of the company, a focus change towards export markets and a lot of technical improvements in which Rob was also personally involved.

At the office there will be a small and personal celebration and later this year they will have an official celebration where they will invite Rob's personal and business contacts to come and celebrate this.

This celebration will be planned for September so the company can also celebrate two other 40-year working anniversaries at Bom Group.


Publication date: 6/1/2017

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6 Jun 2017