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Bom Group to build modern Twinlight greenhouse in UK

We are very proud to announce that the company Valley Grown Salads has awarded the contracted for the delivery and assembly of its new greenhouse project, including the heating and screening system to the Bom Group.

The company is managed  by the brothers Vince and Jimmy Russo and they have chosen for the Twinlight ® Greenhouse Structure, one of Bom Groups award winning innovations.

The new greenhouse will be the most modern Twinlight® greenhouse in the UK and will cover an area of 48 800 M² production greenhouses, consisting of 20 trusses by 8.00 meters with a total gutter length of 305.00 meters, divided into four departments. Including the service area , which will include a large processing area, irrigation room, offices and utilities, the total area will be 53.800 M².

The greenhouse posts will be implemented in Twinlight® construction with its patented windbracing connection and will be 6.85 meters tall. The section distance will be 5.00 meter. The roof covering will be tempered glass of 1.67 meters wide with a light transmission of approximately 91%. The growing gutters will be integrated in the structure and run through the open Twinlight® posts.


The greenhouse project will include an energy-saving screening system including the ABS system which is another innovation developed by the Bom Group. All outside walls be installed with a Multirol side screening system with energy features.

The hot water heating system will consist of a tubular pipe rail installation with 10 tubes 51 mm per truss of 8.00 meters. In the new boiler room a high efficiency low-NOx boiler will installed. The boiler will be connected to a new heat storage tank with a capacity of 4 million  liters, mainly  the production of CO₂ for the pepper plants.

The overall layout has been set for a future extension to this first phase of a second phase that will cover a total area of 90,000 M².



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9 Jan 2015