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Bom Group introduces Diffulite glass

In cooperation with our partner HT Glass B.V. we are bringing a diffuse glass type with very good light properties on to the market. The product, named Diffulite, finds its origin in the Solar industry, which also demands high light transmissions for higher efficiency.

Den Berk BVBA Project
In the meantime we have realised a project of 9.5 ha with toughened Diffulite glass (Diffulite+) at Den Berk BVBA (Koen Lauwerysen & Luc Beirinckx) in Merksplas in Belgium. This concerns
a vine tomato nursery in the top segment and as the owners phrased it:
‘We didn’t want to miss the boat’. So they consciously opted for this type of glass, where the yield from the light transmissions offered against its cost price was the deciding factor.

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24 Oct 2011