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The Bom Group donates four ShelterBoxes

The entire board of directors of the Bom Group in Naaldwijk handed over a cheque – good for four ShelterBoxes with a value of €3,000 – to the ShelterBox committee members Ms Meena van der Velden and Mr Johan Timmermans, both members of Rotary Wateringen. In this way, Rotary Wateringen does justice to its active canvassing.

After a natural disaster, a ShelterBox provides dignity, shelter and warmth for a family of up to ten people. The ShelterBox is intended as emergency accommodation. ShelterBoxes are supplied on the scene by specially-trained ‘ShelterBox Response Teams’. This team also gives instructions to the recipients of the boxes about how to handle its contents and setting up the tents.


The box contains a ten-person tent, groundsheets and blankets, mosquito nets, a cooking stove, pots, plates, mugs, cutlery, a tool kit, a water filter (maximally 18,000 litres), jerry cans (2 x 15 litres) and a children’s package with drawing utensils. In this way it is possible to survive for at least six months. A ShelterBox contains no goods subject to deterioration. Food and drink are locally available after a disaster, sooner or later. A full ShelterBox weighs about 50 kilos.

It costs €750 including supervision and transport. Each box receives a unique number with which a sponsor can follow his ShelterBox via ‘track and trace’ on

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2 Jan 2013