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Bom Greenhouses install for Agrosol in Spain

Bom Greenhouses has been hard at work in recent months in Southern Spain on the heating system of the Agrosol company.

Agrosol is a business of three partners with multiple branches in Almeria. The total area is 93 ha with various crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet peppers.


The clients: Andreas, Paco en José (in Bom tenue)


At one of their sites of 28 ha, Bom Greenhouses has started to install pipe rail heating and CO2 systems.

The existing greenhouses are modern poly ones that were formerly heated with a whole battery of heaters, which did provide the necessary heat, but failed to solve the moisture problems.

We came into contact through a mutual business relation, and after we had made the offer and had stated the advantages of our systems and the use of CO2 in combination with a heat storage tank, we agreed and a start could be made on the installation.

Late in 2012 we had done two sections of 7.5 ha in total and also the boiler house and heat storage tank of approx 3,000 m3, which are already suitable for the further expansion in 2013.

The tomato plants in the greenhouses with the pipe rail heating and CO2 are already wonderfully well on, the first strings are starting to ripen, and they are well ahead of the other sections.

Soon these tomatoes will be able to make their way to Britain and the Netherlands.

agrosol2.jpgView of the Mediterranean

agrosol3.jpgOne of the 7,5 Ha. divisions

agrosol4.jpgThe heat storage tank of approx 3,000 m3

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8 Feb 2013