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Bom Group provides Bernhard’s Ford with a home

The Ford in which Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands entered our country in the 1930s

is to be exhibited in Baarn. It is to be seen in the coming months in a
pavilion built by the Bom Group in the park of Soestdijk Palace.

Bernhard drove in the car on 11 April 1936 to his future
mother-in-law Queen Wilhelmina for a first meeting.
He and Princess Juliana later toured through the Netherlands in it.

Journalists did not like the beige open two-seater, a V8. They quickly
referred to ‘the little Ford’. Bernhard did drive fast in it. So fast
that Wilhelmina forbade him to drive faster than 70 km/h if
Juliana was next to him. For the prince, used to the motorways in
Germany and France, it proved to be a difficult challenge to restrict his
speed. In 1937 his driving style was almost fatal to him. At that time,
in a new and souped-up Ford, he drove at high speed into a
sand truck, near Diemen.

Bernhard’s first little Ford may be admired at Soestdijk Palace up to
12 September inclusive.



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6 Apr 2011