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Air in Control

Bom Group has been working on 'new cultivation' and mechanically ventilated greenhouses for a long time.

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This resulted in winning the 1st prize of the Hortifair Innovation Award.
Since then, we have not stopped and we have developed our systems further and implemented more new innovations.

We also have been able to build the winning project in the Greenhouse as Energysource in Bleiswijk, in collaboration with Wageningen University Research.
This greenhouse is equipped with all possible systems of mechanical ventilation and has been successfully tested for several years with different types of vegetable crops by researchers at WUR and our own R&D department.

The result was a higher production, better quality and lower power consumption.
Bom Group can offer you systems which are suitable for all climates. We always make various systems at customer request, which can be fully integrated into our new and existing greenhouses.

We combined all these developments in the program;


  • Ideal climate conditions
  • Optimal horizontal temperature distribution
  • Controlled RV
  • Low power consumption
  • More CO2
  • Higher production
  • Reduced disease incidence

Systems developed by Bom Group differ in high efficiency, low noise and a great ease of use.


The system can be implemented with separate air handling units, or a complete accessible environment corridor in the front gable, depending on the required airflow.

In mild climates, separate air handling units are sufficient. In warm climates, a climate corridor is used in combination with path cooling.

We control the humidity in the greenhouse with an optimized system with fans, a combination of greenhouse- and (heated) outdoor air and using air hoses for proper horizontal distribution of dehumidified air in the greenhouses.

All customary climate computers are perfectly able to control the process and we can design the heating systems in a way that the Air in Control system uses maximum use of the available low grade heat.

Our climate specialists can use the in-house model calculation program to make a reliable prediction of the potential crop yield and the required energy consumption, these figures are also used frequently in feasibility studies.





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2 Jun 2014