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About us

The Bom Group is  known in the world of glass horticulture as a high tech greenhouse manufacturer and worldwide greenhouse project builder that  has been serving the Greenhouse industry for more than half a century.

We are specialized in the supply, construction and installation of Venlo greenhouses, screen systems and climate systems for the glass horticulture sector, both at home and abroad. We export turnkey projects all over the world.

From the foundation of the enterprise in 1966 by Piet Bom, many innovations by the Bom Group have set the benchmark in the industry. For detailed information about these innovations, we are glad to refer you to the page Innovations. Next to our vision to constantly keep innovating, we consider the quality aspect to be paramount.

We design and develop our own greenhouse systems with our own in-house technicians. Our R&D department work closely together with institutions in the  development of sustainable greenhouse and hydroponic greenhouse.

The Bom Group has an excellent name in the supply of complete quality projects, which are implemented with the latest technological developments. Also, we have succeeded through the years in building up a strongly competitive position.

1.    The Bom Group stands for:

  • Innovation of products and processes
  • Supplying the highest quality
  • Dependable partner
  • Long-term customer relationships
  • Creative and experienced staff

Company profile


For the building of greenhouses, the Bom Group has been a household name in the sector for more than half a century. Besides this, the enterprise was expanded from the 1980s with independent businesses in the fields of screen systems and climate systems. What once started as a Westland family business for the building of greenhouses has grown into a leading international player for the realisation of turnkey projects.

In the implementation of turnkey projects, we perform the role of Principal Contractor. For those disciplines that the Bom Group itself does not have in-house, we work together with prominent partners. In this way we relieve you the customer of your concerns by performing a coordinating role for the complete integration of the installations in the project.

Innovation of products is a prominent theme in the enterprise’s history. A certain obsession with innovation is as it were in the genes of the Bom Group’s staff. Many innovations have also been distinguished with major prizes and awards over the years. For a selection of these innovations, we are proud to refer you to the page Innovations.

As a result of strict procedures (ISO 9001), years of know-how and experience, and also the drive to really do things well, we can guarantee the optimum quality of your project.

The Bom Group independently developed the Ecotec roof and wall-glazing system, with which we built up a strong competitive position. Technological innovation and the development of quality products and climate systems is a continuous process, such that through optimisation of the processes, sustainable greenhouse projects can be realised. To coordinate the service and maintenance on the greenhouses and technical installations, the enterprise possesses an independent technical services department.

With their experience and creativity, The Bom Group staff are able to realise custom projects. Based on the customer’s wishes and requirements, the greenhouse, together with the associated energy-saving climate systems needed, is designed for the specific local circumstances. The greenhouse and climate systems comply with all legal and local standards regarding structural strength and safety. We ensure that you as client can produce optimally in the greenhouse, which as an enclosure provides the necessary protection against various external influences such as weather conditions and insect pressure.

The Bom Group works from its continuity philosophy on long-term relationships with its customers. We are a dependable partner, and we fulfil our agreements!

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